That’s not fair!

16 07 2010

Sharon on a roll...

“…That’s not fair!…”…my GF Sharon exclaimed after the 3rd time we stopped in downtown Victoria, BC to do something.  Kurt and I had our Bike Friday Tikit’s folded and rolled into the building while Sharon was still trying to dig her heavy lock and security cable out of her bag – again!

Our table for 3 + 2 Bike Fridays...

To keep the peace I let her roll my orange One Way Tikit into Thai Siam [excellent – BTW!] while I locked her bike for her.  She recently bought a full size city bike because she liked how it looked.  It is a nice ride, but it has to stay outside buildings.

Sharon's fullsize bike locked up at the rack outside MEC...

We spent 30mins at MEC looking at locks for her bike commute [she needs to leave the bike outside a hospital for 12hrs each day].  She either has to get something moderately secure she can carry with her or opt for an uber heavy lock that will stay at work 24/7.

Kurt has to try the One Way Tikit as well...

I’m curious how long it will take her to conclude that if she rode a Bike Friday to work she could skip the lock and just take the bike in with her???..=-)



5 responses

16 07 2010
Dr Jim

There is probably about 7 of us (out of 3800)faculty staff and students who regularly ride their bikes to work. There is really something wrong with that picture. Victoria looks so much more bike friendly than Marietta Georgia.

16 07 2010

Victoria is the most bike friendly city I’ve lived in for sure. There are bikes everywhere!

17 07 2010

Nice to see that it changed. When i was there on a cycling tour 12 years ago (man am i getting old ;o) ) it was a bit different. Especially on the bigger streets it was a bit like in Vancouver, kinda survival training with a fully packed bike.

So when do you go the West Coast Trail with a Tikit ? 😉

17 07 2010
Reed Kennedy

Hey Vik,

When you have the One Way Ticket folded and are rolling it by the handle, it looks like only the front wheel touches the ground, right? If the back wheel were to touch down, would that cause the cranks to rotate due to it’s fixed nature?

If so, have you ever had any trouble with that?

Also, would you be willing to let us in on the approximate cost of the One Way Ticket? I can’t find any info on the BF website, as it seems rather a custom setup.

18 07 2010

@Reed – based model One Way Tikit is ~$1300.

The front wheel is a lot lower so there is no chance it will touch the ground when rolling.

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