How Schwalbe Tires and Tubes are Made…

13 07 2010

Fastolfe posted this video on BROL…very interesting…I run a lot of Schwalbe tires and Schwalbe USA HQ is located in Victoria, BC, Canada!  Makes me appreciate what goes into my bike tires.

I posted this video about how Rohloffs are made a while back, but in case you missed it they make a fun double header for the bike tech geek…=-)



4 responses

13 07 2010

Interesting stuff Vik. Neat to see the relationship between parent company and production company portrayed. Thanks for the post.

13 07 2010

I hadn’t realized how much hand work was involved!!

14 07 2010
Handbuilt Schwalbe tyres :

[…] via The Lazy Randonneur […]

8 07 2011
Michael Goldston

Thanks for sharing this video. Very interesting to learn more about how these tires and tubes are made. There is much more involved than I had imagined.

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