Sit down pedal boarding?

12 07 2010

Pretty in pink...

Two of the reasons I moved to Victoria were a better cycling environment and to be close to the ocean.  It was really hot here today and my office became uncomfortable due my computers putting out lots of BTUs.

Definitely the biggest single item I've haulled so far!

So I loaded up my Surly Big Dummy and stand up paddle board [SUP].  I live 4 blocks from the water and if I take a nearby mega-MUP I get a car free downhill ride right to a kayak/rowing club.

I'm sure I parked my bike around here??...=-)

The MUP route is a bit longer, but the ride is quite pleasant [old rail grade I think] and the bike parking at the paddle club is really secure so it’s worth it.

I locked my bike to the steel railing and launched from the dock in the background...

You have to pay to launch at the paddle club, but the small dock in the background of the pic above is free so naturally I carried my SUP over there.

I heart my SUP...=-)

I was hoping to have so pics to share from the water, but I forgot my camera in my bike’s frame bag….doh!  So it will have to wait until next time.  SUPing the Gorge is pretty awesome.  The water way is protected from ocean waves and a lot of the wind.  For the most part the current was minor with one major exception.   The Gorge really narrows under one bridge to the west of my launch point accelerating the water 10x+ normal.  I went through the easy way without much problem other than a few nervous moments with turbulence trying to flip my board!  On the way back I nearly gave up as I was paddling 110% without making much progress against the current – especially as the turbulent water required lots of steering strokes on top of trying to drop the hammer.  I was ready to stop paddling and carry my board around this obstacle when I realized I had pushed past the worst of it and was finally getting somewhere.  As soon as I was 10′ beyond the bridge the water was slow moving again and I could make normal progress.

I won’t be taking Sharon past that bridge unless she is looking for some interval training!  If you go east from the paddle club you reach the inner harbour which is quite scenic.

Loading up on the dock for the ride home...

Right next to the paddle club is a nice restaurant.  So I can see a paddle “date” coming on…=-) Definitely a great way to cool off on a hot day and since it never gets really cold here I imagine I’ll be SUping in winter as well.

Shadows were getting long and my tummy rumbling!

The ride home was uphill, but since the MUP appears to be an old railway line the grade is very easy even with a load.  Overall it was a great bike/paddle mission that I will be repeating a couple times a week.



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12 07 2010

This sort of thing is the main reason I bought the xtracycle to start with (it has of course, expanded from that). I can carry my Riot Boogie surf kayak quite nicely 🙂

12 07 2010


I thought you picked up a Kickback centerstand for that bike?

Been curious to hear your thoughts on it. I know it transformed how (and how much) I use my Xtracycle. So, so nice to have a super stable platform to load.

12 07 2010

I was also interested in your feedback on the kickback. I saw one at my bike store (North Park) but am waiting a bit before I take the $ plunge.

12 07 2010

Going to install Kickback this week. Too busy moving and frankly a bit hesitant to make installing/removing wideloaders a pain in the ass, but I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.

12 07 2010

That’s so cool that you can carry your SUP on that bike. Super cool!
Peace 🙂

13 07 2010

Yeah…very cool! You’re livin’ large.

14 07 2010

Thanks for sharing this. My bike and board are three blocks from one lake and just over a mile from the next and 10 minutes from three others. Unfortunately I’m still driving because it’s just to heavy to carry. I want so badly to use my bike! There could be an XtraCycle in my future.

14 07 2010

Hi – been hauling my SUP with my Xtracycle for year with the Mule from which is WAY easier than strapping on the Wideloader (which I did exactly once). Check it out – you’ll love it. If you want a pic of my setup, let me know.

14 07 2010
Tim K

Nice. I just got a SUP myself. I built a Mule type carrier, but before I could use it, I wrecked the board. Duh!

I guess I could have saved some time and hassle just carrying it directly on the big dummy. When the board is fixed I’ll give it a try.

And welcome to the PNW!

14 07 2010

@ Eric…thanks…not sure if I like the Mule concept or not…just looking at the photos I kind of like this carrier better:

Of course my method works just fine and it’s free…=-)

15 07 2010
Aaron M

Great Blog,
That’s a sweet spot in the Selkirk. I ride right past there every day, sometimes from different directions. Right in front of that restaurant there is a great sculpture of a bird chasing a fly, all made from steel tubing that appears continuous. It would make for some good photos. There are many good cycling routes with great scenery here. I’ve enjoyed your blog

16 07 2010



That’s a cool installation…=-)

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to go for a bike/coffee ride and chat sometime…

19 07 2010
Aaron M

Great photo of the sculpture. A ride would be excellent and there is no shortage of good coffee houses here. Hell, there is no shortage of good stuff period. I have a day off on thursday 22nd and was thinking of doing an easy pedal on the Lochside to Schartz Bay or Galloping Goose in the direction of Sooke. It’s not physically demanding but the scenery is great.

Aaron M

19 07 2010

Hi Vik – that quiver caddy would be cool for multiple boards. However, I regularly use the Mule for my SUP with 2 surfboards strapped on top and two paddles. Then, my bags are available to stuff with wetsuits, towels, beach chairs, etc. I meant “years” in my first post – have had it for 3. Having it straight off the back rather that on it’s side is way easier if it’s windy too. Super easy to load – clip it together and one loop over the seat. Highly recommend.

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