Thank God It’s Friday!

9 07 2010

A Dutch World Cup Edition Tikit...

I’m off for a couple days of kiteboarding so no time to post a lot of details yet, but since it was Friday I thought it was an appropriate time to share these photos of a new Bike Friday in my garage.  Fixed gear, Dutch World Cup Edition One Way Tikit.

Simple, effective and fun = fixed gear...



5 responses

9 07 2010

Wow! Nice looking tikit. I saw some others in Sidney the other day (pocket llama and NWT). The owners were just as happy with them as you seem to be.

I love the orange on this one. Does this make 3 in the stable?

9 07 2010

Is that a dingle-fixed?
custom for you?

9 07 2010

No dingle…there is only only front ring and one cog…straight up fixed gear…kinda custom in that I spec’d some aspects of the bike, but Bike Friday sells this model as the One Way Tikit so it’s not really unique.

9 07 2010

@ Paul – I have an older hyper-fold Tikit which I ride…and this one…which sort of makes two, but I won’t be keeping both…I only need/want to own 1 Tikit…great bikes, but I have no room budget for 2.

I theoretically “own” a 3rd Season Tikit, but it doesn’t fit me so my buddy has been riding it for the last couple years, it lives at his place and he rides/loves it a lot. Since he can’t afford to buy a Tikit I pretty much cross that one off the list and forget about it.

9 07 2010

I love the color!! 😉

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