MTBing Hartland…

7 07 2010

Kurt getting his wheelie on...

Kurt and I headed over to the Hartland Dump to checkout one of Victoria’s local trail systems.  The fact there is a landfill in the area isn’t obvious by the quality of the trails or the beauty of BC’s lush vegetation.

Kurt getting his bearings...

This bike park has an extensive and thankfully well marked trail system.  You can buy detailed maps at LBS as well as using a system of trail markers shown in one of my photos below.

Enjoying the different character of BC forest riding...

I was blown away by the fact we saw only two other groups of riders the whole time we were on the trails…keep in mind it was a holiday long weekend in Canada so that would typically be a heavy day for use of recreational facilities.

Kurt let's one of the few riders we encountered pass...

Hartland is only 12kms on quiet roads from my house so if I’m feeling motivated I could ride there and back…or I can have a leisurely drive of 15mins.  My closest high quality riding in Calgary was 90mins away so this totally rocks!

One of the handy trail markers found at all major intersections...

The riding here is a bit different than in Alberta…the vegetation is a lot more lush and we were riding in the trees most of the time.  The dirt holds more moisture making it tackier with less rock and more roots than in Alberta.

Enjoying some Fresh Air!

We found two stunt parks at Hartland…one for beginners and this expert level one.

What goes down must go get back to your car...=-)

One issue I’ve got to deal with is learning to take better low light photos. Based on my riding so far it seems pretty clear I’ll be shooting in about half the light I would typically in Alberta so new techniques are in order.

Maybe the car is this way?

Since mountain biking in Victoria is a year round activity I should get lots of opportunity to get my photography sorted and wear out some bike parts…=-)

Kurt looking glad he moved to Victoria...=-)



2 responses

8 07 2010

Great pictures! Been living in Vic for 10 years now riding Hartland for 9 of those years. Still love it every time I go up! Where is that big stunt located “Enjoying some Fresh AIr” I guess I havent ridden all the trails enough to find it!

8 07 2010

@ Adrian…sorry I can’t tell you where it was…I was just bombing around not paying much attention to the map. It wasn’t hidden or anything. We can go for a ride sometime and I’ll show you!

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