Victoria Approved!

2 07 2010


The Lazy Rando World Headquarters has moved to Victoria BC! After 15yrs in Calgary I had the opportunity to move to Vancouver Island so I jumped on it.  I’ll be doing the same work just from a new location.  I’ll also be back in Calgary a fair bit as the company I work for is maintaining their corporate HQ in Alberta.

Vancouver Island...

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island…shown at the red pin in the image above.  It’s a ferry ride away from both Vancouver BC and Seattle WA.  It’s also very close to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.  The climate is similar to Vancouver’s, but with only 50% of the rain and a lot of sunny days. In fact it is the northern most North American city that has a Mediterranean climate.


Victoria is situated on a small peninsula about 30kms north to south and 19kms east to west. This means we are surrouned nearly 360 degrees by the Pacific Ocean and lots of beaches. Not surprisingly Vancouver Island is a sea kayaking mecca as well as one of the nicest spots in the world to kiteboard.  The bike touring and mountain biking are world class as well.  To top it off Victoria is one of the most bike friendly cities I’ve ever seen that wasn’t in Europe!

I’m really excited to explore the island and to be able to sea kayak, SUP and kiteboard at home…=-)

There are a few downsides of course:

  • Victoria is wetter than Calgary.
  • The cost of living and taxes here are higher.
  • Leaving the island is a minimum of a $40 ferry ride with your car…more for my trucks.
  • The job market here isn’t as strong as Alberta.
  • I’m 4-5hrs away from Whistler, Mt. Baker and Mt. Washington for snowboarding…rather than 2hrs from great ski hills in Calgary.

The low cost of life in Alberta is one of the main reasons I haven’t left prior to this.  When considering the move to Victoria I had to ask myself – do I want the cheapest lifestyle or the most fun?

I have a new mailing address and a new cellular #…all my emails have stayed the same…if you need a contact info update drop me a line.



12 responses

2 07 2010
Don Koch

Hey Vik!
Welcome to the left coast!

2 07 2010
Brian Ogilvie

I hope you enjoy the move! Is this why you were asking about thinning the herd of touring bikes recently?

2 07 2010

Awesome! I really have to visit Vancouver Island some time, I can only imagine how much fun you’re going to have out there – sometimes fun just has to win out over money 🙂

2 07 2010

Vik, you are so close to Sam Whittingham’s Island. You can go up there and order your nakedbike. He can probably tell you where you can get great rides. Crazybikerchick from TO just moved to Denman Island this week also. PM me and I will get your email addresses to each other. Congrats on the move and have fun exploring/playing in BC.


3 07 2010

Welcome to the Island (again) Vik! I’m glad the move has worked out. Let’s get together and take the Big Dummies out for a ride once you’re settled.


3 07 2010
Tamia Nelson

Congrats on a successful move, Vic! I hope you find your new home to be a great fit for your lifestyle.

3 07 2010

Thanks everyone…looking forward to living in BC [Best Coast]!

Feel free to come visit…we’ll ride drink, bike, paddle and frisbee! I have room to put people up and a big backyard to camp if you like.

@Paul…ya I need to get my brakes fixed and then a BD ride would be great…I plan to start a monthly touring/folder/commuter/cargo/utility bike night at the Penny Farthing Pub in Oak Bay…maybe first Thursday of the month?

4 07 2010

Wow, I was there in Victoria in the late 1980s! A most beautiful place and I said I would like to retire there some day. Seems you have beat me to it. I’m sure you will have a ball living there, lucky you. Al 🙂

6 07 2010

Well, you’re not so close to Baker or Whistler but in the short but sweet peak of the season you will have Hurricane Ridge not too far away for skiing/boarding


6 07 2010

@Paul – got the BD;’s brakes sorted…still needs a bit more love, but that can wait until the fall or stuff breaks…=-)

24 08 2010

I’m really behind on my blog reading! Waving at you from nearby Denman Island! Where have you been exploring by kayak? We just got a tandem kayak recently and its awesome to launch it from our own yard.

25 08 2010

@ Tanya – cool…we’ll have to meet up…I just need to figure out where Deman Island is…=-)

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