RAAM 2010 Recumbents…

16 06 2010

Photo: Velonews.com

There are several recumbent riders racing the 2010 edition of Race Across America [aka. RAAM]Most notably Barbra Buatois the french rider shown above who is currently the 1st place female in the race.

Dana Liberman, owner of Bent Up Cycles and all around nice guy, is part of a 4 man recumbent men’s team.  They are going strong and currently in 3rd place for their division.

Photo: RAAM

Tim Woudenberg is racing solo on a recumbent in the men’s 50-59 age group. He’s currently in first place in that group.

Photo: Sandy Earl

Sandy Earl was racing in the solo women’s division, but has DNF’d – although it’s not yet clear what the reason was for her departure from the race.

No matter how the race ends for these riders just showing up ready to race RAAM is an amazing accomplishment.  It’s hard to fully grasp the effort and investment of time/$$ these folks will have put into this event by the time they cross the finish line.

BTW – there is also a trike rider on a mixed bent/DF team called Team FARA.



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16 06 2010

Earlier this year NPR’s Radiolab had a great piece about the limits of the human body and mind, with a focus on the RAAM.


Interesting and maybe even a little scary.

16 06 2010

Team FARA. The team member with Ataxia is riding a Catrike 700.

16 06 2010

Thanks Ian…post updated!

16 06 2010


The recumbent community is amazed that Barbara is riding on a heavy recumbent, no carbon fiber as far as I have seen. From what I saw on Facebook it looks like Sandy was having knee problems.


16 06 2010

@Vik, it seems Sandy took a DNF because they (her and her crew) didn’t think she’d make the time cut-off “at the Mississippi River, time station 35 in West Alton, Missouri”. Found that on the Recumbent Blog, who got it from raceacrossamerica.org.

16 06 2010


There’s also Team Operation Progress. Four person team, including two women, one of whom is riding a handcycle.

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