Why I love the internet…

9 06 2010

My hack job modified Heckler seatstay brace...

When I revamped my buddy Sean’s Santa Cruz Heckler I had to modify the seatstay brace to allow clearance for fat 2.4″ rubber in the back. The mod worked, but it wasn’t particularly pretty.  I had posted the build pics on MTBR.com and one of the members took pitty on me and made me the brace shown below so Sean’s bike would be as good looking as it is nice to ride….sweet!  He not only made it for free, but wouldn’t accept any $$$ to cover shipping to me from the US.  Amazing…=-)

CNC'd Heckler bling...



5 responses

9 06 2010
gary sherck

Yes, Vik, we are blessed to have the internet with forums, which allow us to connect with helpful new friends. Because of you, I was not only to get my Pugsley, but then to make sure I received the parts in order to attach the OMM Cold Springs rack.

9 06 2010

That’s awesome!

9 06 2010

that cool man!

9 06 2010

@ Gary – glad I could help…many people have helped me out in a similar fashion!

9 06 2010

That’s friggin’ sweet! =D

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