Tikit Safety Brace Rolling…

4 06 2010

Thumb on top...

The one fingered rolling technique shown in my post yesterday works for the new version of the Tikit rolling handle.  For the older style handle and safety brace I use two different grips shown above and below.

The top photo shows the thumb on top of the carrying handle.  This grip keeps my hand away from the safety brace and gives me the same control/comfort as I had without the brace in place.

The bottom photo shows my thumb wrapped around the brace which gives me more control over the Tikit laterally than the stock handle alone.  I don’t find touching the brace uncomfortable.  The brace has been in place for several months and I haven’t bothered to pad it.  I probably will pad it at some point when I have some cloth tape in my hand and I’m standing next to this bike – and I remember to do something~! Clearly it’s not a big deal…

Thumb wrapped around brace...

I get asked how much better the new style handle is by owners of older Tikits.  Is it worth upgrading?

My answer would be:

  • I wouldn’t upgrade to the new handle if I had no other reason to do so…hence why my Season Tikit still has the old handle.
  • However, if your bike has to go back to Bike Friday for some other work I would do the handle replacement at that time.
  • If you are buying a Tikit and looking at an older model and a newer model I would give the newer handle the nod unless the cost savings was more than $300.



7 responses

4 06 2010

If you’re left handed it’s VERY key. The safety brace on my Season Tikit and it made rolling pretty uncomfortable to roll and hold especially for any length of time (crowded public transit with the bike balanced on the front wheel). There’s just not a good way to grasp the handle as a lefty. So while my Tikit was in Eugene for some warranty frame issues I decided to jump for the upgrade while it was there. Really happy I did. The new style handle is much more comfortable. I even wrapped it with some inexpensive cork tape, swanky.

4 06 2010

Just a suggestion – my left handed buddy was using the Season Tikit and he rolled it holding the handle “upside down”…that worked really well for him. Although it does work best without a front rack so the bike can be inverted fully.

I also think that the old style handle can be easily improved for lefties or righties can gluing in a metal or wood extension to provide more grip space…there is room for a decent addition to the handle.

4 06 2010

Inverted rolling didn’t work for me due to super high saddle as it would drag on the ground at any angle much past vertical with the bike flipped over. But… definitely a good solution for a lot of lefty Tikit owners out there.

Hmm… I wonder if you could use some of those T shaped bar-ends? Might work well.

4 06 2010
Ty Smith

Helpful! Thanks Vic! I’ll try your alternate methods.

As I said, I used velcro tape on my safety brace. Can’t tell you the exact type, as some buddies from IT gave it to me, but probably pretty close to this:


4 06 2010

Here’s another suggestion: Remove the grip to give your fingers more room between the safety brace and carrying handle. For me, having that little extra bit of room made a big difference in comfort while rolling the bike.

5 06 2010
Rob K

Hi Vic,

Slightly off topic but I would be interested in whether the NWT rolls as does the Tikit or whether it needs to be carried in its folded state? I do understand that they are quite different in their folding capabilities.


6 06 2010

Rob the NWT is a great touring/travel bike, but it doesn’t roll so you’ll have to carry it.

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