Is the Tikit easy to roll?

3 06 2010


Close up of of my one finger Jedi Tikit rolling technique shown in video...




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3 06 2010

Yeah, but Jedi’s don’t wear Band-Aids.

3 06 2010

Or do they?

4 06 2010
Ty Smith

Great video! Really gets the point across.

However, I am envious of your new tikit handle. I have the “old style” handle, and it is a bit more awkward with the safety brace, but still maneagable. I coverde the safety brace on mine with the soft velcro tape, which makes it more comfortable, but I will probably have to upgrade to the new handle before too long.

4 06 2010
Tikit Safety Brace Rolling… « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] The one fingered rolling technique shown in my post yesterday works for the new version of the Tikit rolling handle.  For the older style handle and safety brace I use two different grips shown above and below. […]

4 06 2010
6 06 2010

Way to go Vik! I must try that soon, maybe with the pinkie? 🙂

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