La Sportiva Raptor Update

24 05 2010

A less shinny looking than a month ago...

I posted my La Sportiva Raptor pre-review a month ago.  I wanted to post an update now that I’ve been wearing these shoes for a month as my main footwear.

Stuff I like:

  • comfortable fit
  • lightweight
  • grippy soles
  • my custom insoles fit well
  • not uber ugly [to me!]

Stuff I don’t like:

  • climbing rubber soles leave marks on light coloured floors
  • hard plastic under arch doesn’t grip metal pedals on my fixie well
  • light material gets wet from dew easily

Note the knot halfway up the laces...

I like these shoes with the front half loose and the uppers fairly tight.  To make this happen I’ve tied a knot about halfway up the laces.  This means that the tension below the knot never changes no matter how tight I tie the top of the shoe.

Overall I like these shoes and will keep ’em until they wear out, but I don’t love them enough to buy some spare pairs.  When they are toast I’ll look around for a shoe I really love.  The quality and construction of these shoes is high.  Given that fit is a very personal thing I’d recommend these shoes as worth your consideration if you are on the hunt for a trail runner – you may well love them.