Sharon’s SC Nomad

20 05 2010

Sharon test riding a Santa Cruz Nomad...

I posted a while back that Sharon was keen on getting an all mountain bike.  She tried Kurt’s Santa Cruz Nomad and liked it a lot, but the $3k+ price tag was a problem.  So I did some hunting for cheaper options and came up with two possibilities:

  1. Kona was selling 2009 Coilairs new at an awesome price to liquidate their excess inventory.
  2. I also found a few used bikes that were reasonable options for her.

The truth is in the test ride...

The problem with both options were that the bikes she could afford were quite heavy and the bikes that were light enough were out of the reach of her budget.  After much consideration we decided it was better for her to save some $$$ and skip mountain biking for 2010.  That way she’d be able to buy a better bike during the winter of 2011 when there would be more deals.

"Do I have to give it back?...."

Recently Sharon found out that her work health benefits plan would allow her to spend $3K on sports equipment.  A bicycle was one of the approved items she could spend the money on – sweet!  So all of a sudden a bike was a possibility again.

So we went down to Bow Cycle and she tried a Santa Cruz Superlight XC full suspension bike and a Santa Cruz Nomad all mountain rig.  I figured she would like the Nomad better for the downhills and the Superlight better for the climbs, but surprisingly she liked the Nomad better going both ways.  She climbed more easily on the Nomad and felt more confident with the Nomad’s relaxed steering headed down.

Given her positive reaction to riding Kurt’s Nomad she decided to put a deposit on the Nomad she tested until her benefits account kicks in on 1 July.  Being the smart women she is she signed up for 6hrs of mountain bike training spread over 3 days at our local lift served mountain bike park. We’ll follow that up with a women’s mountain bike camp sometime this summer.

That's the Nomad grin!

I’m stoked she’ll be riding a Nomad.  It’s definitely one of the best mountain bikes I’ve ever ridden.  Typically the weaker less skilled new mountain biker ends up riding the heaviest least technically advanced bike.  Either a hand me down or a low cost new bike. Unfortunately the new mountain biker would reap the benefit of a lighter bike and the latest suspension technology more than the experienced rider who is already strong and technically skilled. I think this contributes to a lot of people trying mountain biking and giving up as they get smoked by the better riders and start to question how much fun they are having. I’m happy Sharon will be starting on a top quality bike.  I think that will go a long way towards nurturing a love for dirt riding!