Bike Bike!

17 05 2010

The new Bike Bike LBS...

I just discovered a new commuter/cargo bike shop in Calgary thanks to my buddy Chris spilling the beans over a beer.  The new shop, called Bike Bike, is on the SW corner of 17th Ave SW and 15 St.  Naturally I had to cruise over and check it out.

Mmmm...commuter bikes...

The shop is fairly small, but packed with bikey goodness…they specialize in commuter and cargo bikes so I was in bike heaven surrounded by so many practical bikes.

They have lots of useful accessories...

Almost better than the great bikes they have are all the cool commuter and cargo accessories in the shop.  It’s a lot easier to decide if something will work for your bike when you can hold it in your hand and try it on your bike.  Typically these types of items are special orders at a mainstream LBS or online purchases only.

Looking towards the cash register from the back of the shop...

I’m not going to go into too much detail here [I’ll let the photos speak for me], but if you are a Calgary cyclist into Dutch city bikes, North American city/commuter bikes and cargo bikes you should drop in and check them out.

Panniers, folders and a dutch style cargo monster!

Dahon folders and Dutch style cargo bike...

I couldn’t resist their cool selection of handlebars and scored a nice swept back riser bar for a very reasonable $25cdn.  I’m stoked as I’ve been eyeing up some bars online, but it’s hard to evaluate a handlebar from a small picture and shipping from the US is often more than the cost of the bar itself….=-(

Lots of sweet Brodies...

Bike Bike stocks a lot of Brodie urban bikes….the North American version of the Dutch city bike.

Batavus bikes for some Dutch flavour...

If you prefer a real Dutch city bike Bike Bike has some nice Batavus options.

Several cargo options...

If time allows I’d love to load up one of their cargo bikes with the wooden boxes up front and see how it handles compared to my Big Dummy.

Nutcase and Bern helmets...

Since my GF Sharon is from the UK I figured she needs one of the Union Jack Helmets from Nutcase.

More colourful skid lids...

I’m not sure I could pull off a snazzy Nutcase lid.

Shop rates...

The folks at the shop were very friendly and obviously really keen on the products they stock.  The great thing about a small LBS is you get really personal service and can develop a relationship with the staff so they know what you need and how best to help you.

Nice hardshell pannier on my Tikit...

I’m thinking a hardshell pannier like this Bike Bin might be a good idea so I can leave all my tools/locks/lights and such on my bike when I’m running errands without having to think about having them stolen.



10 responses

17 05 2010

Yes, Vik, it would be nice to see a picture of Sharon in her UK Union Jack helment … on her new moutain bike.
Thanks for sharing.

17 05 2010

This really looks like a well stocked bike shop…
I allways find those hard to find… In my town there are 6 shops, but they just have the standard items… especially bike-clothing is hard to find..
If you are looking for something different you are convicted to online shops…
Shame cause, like you say Vik, it is much more fun and lots easier to have the items you desire in your hands…
Luckely i have found one shop that works for me.. They have pretty mainstream items, but there is one guy working there who understands cyclomaniacs… 🙂

17 05 2010

Thanks for the nice review!

17 05 2010

I envy you Calgarians! That’s one awesome bike shop.
Peace 🙂

27 05 2010
Bike Bins « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] saw these plastic hard shell panniers at Bike Bike and was intrigued by the idea of a lockable pannier.  They are made by Bike Bins and feature a […]

31 05 2010

Those look like the chinese copies of the cargobike. If you are going to compare one to anything, particularly something as good as the Big Dummy or the CETMA, you might want to try the real thing. I think Curbside are the only people in Canada doing them though.

31 05 2010

I hear you…I’m just noticing the differences between all the versions of this style of cargo bike. I haven’t crossed paths with a real Bakfiets yet…when I do I’ll take a real close look and hopefully a test ride…=-)

3 06 2010

hi vik,
what kind of rear rack do you have on your tikit?


4 06 2010

That’s a prototype fullsize folding rack BF is working on. Not quite ready for sale yet, but they are working on it.

23 10 2010

Hey Vik

Just letting you know we linked your blog to our webpage, under “Reading Room”.


@DrMekon – indeed they are chinese versions of the dutch bakfiets. We have found the quality of them to be just fine, thankyou, especially considering the price and the fact that Calgary’s cargobike market is in the fetal stage. We can also get the “real” dutch versions for $1000+ more, including Workcycles and Nihola.

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