A Typical Tikit Day…

12 05 2010

Dropping off my truck for service...

Unfolded and ready to head home...

Photo op on bridge over Elbow River Calgary Alberta...

Indian buffet downtown with a friend....yummy!

Trying out some spiffy hardshell panniers at the Bike Bike LBS...

"...Man she's tall...wonder if she likes folders?..."

Afternoon nap with the family...

Shopping for dinner...

Heading home for a BBQ...



6 responses

12 05 2010

What’s with the rack on the back of the Tikit?

12 05 2010

+1 on the rack question. Are my eyes deceiving me or does that rack have a ‘streamlined/collapsible’ setting and a ‘where are my full-sized panniers’ setting? All future rack orders are on hold here.

And, thanks Vik. You’re blog and product reviews are fantastic!!

12 05 2010
Ty Smith

Great story and Pics!

I have a Season Tikit as well, and loved reading your story and looking at the pictures. As I read, I had to reach down to give “Kermit” a pat as he sleeps patiently under my desk…

Below is my own humble “Tikit” story (nowhere near as good as Vic’s!) on the Bike Friday web page. It starts right below the big photo on the top


12 05 2010

The rack is a prototype folding rack for fullsize panniers. Not quite ready for production yet. No price or date for sale yet established. I’m not really supposed to talk about it, but it’s hard to avoid any pics getting out while I blog.

I can say Bike Friday is working hard to make it perfect and get it on the street as soon as they can, but they want to test it adequately first. Pls be patient and don’t call/email BF about it.

As soon as they are ready for sale BF will advertise them.

One more thing I’ll say is that being able to carry full size panniers on the back of the Tikit without screwing up the fold is sweet.

13 05 2010

@ Ty – cool story…do you have higher res pics of you and your bike? Would you mind if I posted them on my blog with a link to your story on the BF page?

13 05 2010
Ty Smith

No high res pics yet! Lynette asked me for that too when I did the story.

Will try to get some this weekend and send them to you.


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