Carbon Santa Cruz Nomad

27 03 2010

Carbon Nomad Flyer

I’m still not sold on carbon mountain bikes, but I gotta admit this looks pretty sweet….=-)  By the time I wear out the fork/shock/drivetrain on my aluminum Nomad MK2 the jury should be in on how durable these frames are in the real world.  Santa Cruz is going heavily carbon with almost all their bikes now offered in this material other than their uber long travel DH rigs and the [relatively] economical Heckler.  Given their small volume sales and high cost Santa Cruz can’t afford to get a bad rap about frame quality so you have to assume they’ve beat the hell out of these new carbon frames and they stood up just fine.

Time will tell!

PS – who do I have to sleep with to get one of these carbon Nomads to test???…=-)