Flanged Rohloffs from Thorn

18 03 2010

Standard Rohloff

Thorn bikes are now adding reinforcing flanges to Rohloff hubs used on their tandems [see photo below].  I’ve also read that they are drilling Rohloff hubs for 48 holes for tandem use.  So you could get a 48 hole Rohloff hub with flanges added…probably total overkill, but I’m sure someone will want one!

Rohloff with extra flange added.

I got these photos from this YACF thread and there is also a related thread on the Thorn Bike Forums here.

I should point out that I’ve been using a standard 32H Rohloff on my Surly Big Dummy under massive loads and had no issues.  I’m not suggesting getting your Rohloff drilled for 48 holes and/or adding extra flange reinforcement is needed except in the most extreme circumstances.



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18 03 2010

Funny, but on the bottom picture the spokes are crossing over the bolts in the flange… Something Rohloff does not recommend doing… but then again neither do they say you should reinforce the flange or drill extra holes… 🙂

18 03 2010

Stu got a 48 hole Rohloff with reinforcing flanges for his Nomad Mk2. Apparently, he’s quite a big chap… Some pics of the wheel lacing on his site: http://www.lifecycler.co.uk/2010/02/thorn-nomad-mk2.html

@ Gerco: Thorn built my Rohloff (standard 32 spoke, no reinforcing) with spokes crossing the flange bolts. I assume it doesn’t really matter despite what the Rohloff manual says?…

@vik: In that Thorn forum thread there’s a comment that Rohloff are doing the drilling for Thorn. I believe though that the reinforcing flanges are entirely Thorn’s idea.


18 03 2010

Shimano 11 is going to kill Rohloff.

20 03 2010

Wowbagger of YACF is on his third, or may be fourth, Rohloff rear hub in his Thorn tandem due to flange breakage. All replaced under warranty.

He and his wife are in their sixties and not built on the large side, but given to a lot of mileage.

Check Yet Another Cycle Forum for threads relating

22 03 2010

Check out http://www.vittorio.nl/rohloffnaaf To me this is the cleanest solution to reinforce a Rohloff.

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