I liked the new colour until…

14 03 2010

I'd like an 18" Curry Squirt please...

I liked the look of the new Pugsley colour…I would even have been happy to be riding one…until I read on the Surly site that the colour is called…Curry Squirt…hahaha…still a cool colour as long as you can get the day after curry feast imagery out of your head…interesting choice…=-)



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14 03 2010

I think it’s a great color, too. Despite my own being stripped and recoated.

And love Surly’s sense of humor.

14 03 2010

Kind of resembles beef gravy brown with some mustard stirred in.

14 03 2010

I’m going to get a LHT soon and I think the new colors for this year are pretty lame. The blue looks like the bike should say “Huffy” on the side and the black is pretty plain Jane. I really like the olive, tan and other colors that the LHT had in years past.

14 03 2010

Well if it is any better I think they were calling it “Grandpa’s Jammies” for the first couple of months. I don’t know what is worse to envision……

I guess the image would be out of your head while bombing down a hill….

15 03 2010

Silver is the #1 selling auto color. Henry Ford painted every T Model black. When I was a kid every boy’s bike was red. Surly from their inception has taken the shock and stun route to color. I like my black instigator fine but why not burnt orange?

15 03 2010


My thoughts exactly:


15 03 2010
Jean Montambeault

I wonder what kind of success would Surly have if the sold unpainted framesets…

18 03 2010

The Salsa Fargo has the same color

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