Xtracycle Hoodie & New Freeloaders

11 03 2010

Photo: Xtracycle.com

Xtracycle has a new bag system out called the Hoodie – [shown above].  Priced at $125USD for the bag and 2 V-racks it will be cheaper than the standard Freeloader setup with a more streamlined aesthetic, but it’s not nearly as versatile for carrying odd loads.

It doesn’t have a top deck so you’ll be limited how much weight you put on top and how well it carry a passenger and it won’t fit your Surly Big Dummy.

Having a lower cost option makes sense and gives people choices – that’s a good thing.

2010 Freeloaders

New 2010 Freeloaders are also going to hit the streets.  They are shown above on a 2010 Radish, but specific details on what’s new with these bags have not been released yet.



2 responses

11 03 2010

i am really digging the design on the 2010 freeloaders. looking forward to specs on those.
whlie i generally like the current freeloaders, i am getting some holes from them rubbing against the frame after less than a year of semi-regular use. i know that you can patch it up with tube and glue of some sort, but i was still a bit disappointed in this. i will be interested in seeing the details for the new bags and whether they incorporated anything to abate this issue.

11 03 2010

I’m having the same wear issues on my Freeloaders. The original versions had heavy duty waterproof fabric against the V-racks to deal with abrasion and keep water from the rear wheel out. I guess it was too expensive so they went with lighter nylon. Unfortunately it’s not strong or waterproof.

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