Illegal Boarding

10 03 2010

Don't do this in Calgary on a street!

Kurt got pulled over the other day for longboarding on the street downtown in Calgary.  I couldn’t believe that it was illegal to ride a skateboard on the road here.  Kurt checked with his local city councilman and in fact it is illegal to ride a skateboard on the road in Calgary….amazing!

Traffic Bylaw 26M96 – [Specifically, Section 44(2)], which states: “no person shall be on or shall operate or use a device known as a skateboard on any portion of any street.”

I’m sure the pedestrians downtown will be stoked to know that skateboarders have to use the sidewalk since there is no other legal way to get around town on a board.

For a town drowning in cars they sure aren’t interested in people using alternative forms of transport to get around.