Olympus Stylus SW850 Update #2

4 03 2010

Olympus Stylus SW850

In my last update for this camera I noted that Olympus repaired a cracked LCD panel on the back of the camera.  Unfortunately they seem to have let something contaminate the CCD inside.  All my photos with light backgrounds had an annoying dark blur on them in one spot.  Since I didn’t notice this until I got back from Baja I was well past the camera’s one year warranty. I sent it back to Olympus with an explanation of what was wrong unsure if they would fix it as a warranty repair or charge me.  Happily they just fixed it and returned the camera.  Service was very fast just like last time.

Although sending the camera back twice was a bit of a pain it’s nice to know the folks at Olympus Canada provide fast repairs and are happy to support their customers.  I’m glad to have this camera back and hopefully will get lots of great adventure shots from it.



One response

4 03 2010

Good to hear, Vik. I’m considering swapping my fancy little Ricoh for one of the Olympus Tough models this spring.

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