Removing a Rohloff Cog

1 03 2010

Photo: Speedub.Nate @

Over at Speedub.Nate posted a great article about how to remove a stubborn Rohloff cog.  Well worth a read if you are a Rohloff owner.  He also points out that it’s worth removing your cog and re-installing with anti-seize compound to ensure your cog doesn’t corrode onto your hub badly making removal at a later date challenging.  Good advice…I’ll be doing this myself this summer on a rainy weekend.



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1 03 2010

Thanks, Vik!

1 03 2010
Pablo Escobar Mendez

One Rohloff question: I am about to buy a Tikit, and am wondering if you had to do it all over, you’d get a Rohloff hub on your Tikit? I am concerned about flying with it (and the reported fluid leakage), as well as the weight. I’d appreciate your thoughts…

2 03 2010

Pablo….no I wouldn’t put a Rohloff in a Tikit. I just don’t see the point. The main advantages of the Rohloff are:

– long service life with few breakdowns
– wide gear range

ON a Tikit I’ll never be riding in Outer Mongolia where a breakdown would cause a huge problem. I also don’t feel like you need a 500%+ gear range on a Tikit.

If I was to start over I’d use a Shimano Alfine hub…the 8 speed is just fine and if I could wait until the end of 2010 I’d get the 11 speed Alfine. I think the cost benefit ratio of the Alfine makes more sense for the Tikit.

6 03 2010

thats a great feature – my first sprocket flip is coming soon so
that’ll be very useful.
[+ I’m honoured for you using my picture in your muddy Rohloff write-up!]
Love the site.

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