Croc Beach Review

26 02 2010

Crocs so ugly you gotta love 'em...

In the spirit of Croc simplicity I’m going provide a stripped down review!

  • used ’em for 3yrs
  • ugly, but lovable
  • cheap-ish
  • last about 1yr regular use till tread is gone
  • floats
  • comfortable even for my problem feet
  • easy to slip on and off
  • very light, bulky
  • feet breathe well
  • usually have a pair with me on a trip
  • several styles for different foot shapes [I heart the Beach]

My Crocs in Baja...



4 responses

26 02 2010

You bought your first pair on the way back from a trip while waiting in LA no? Seeing that I thought, well, if Vik can wear Crocs, so can I. And, I bought a pair. They’re great! Cheers. 😉

27 02 2010

i like crocs, but a knock off, DAWGS, are far cheaper, more comfortable but don’t last as long.
these shoes are recyclable, don’t exploit animals and are comfortable.
in short, get a pair.

27 02 2010

I looked at the Dawgs website…I’d pay $30-35cdn for a pair of Croc Beaches unless I find ’em on sale. The Dawgs are $25cdn + shipping [free if you buy two or more at a time]. If they don’t last as long as Crocs I’m not sure they are actually any cheaper then.

I tried to find any mention of the Dawgs being recyclable, but I couldn’t find that claim on the the Dawgs website. That would be an interesting advantage over the Crocs.

I’m not sure what you mean by your comment about exploiting animals…in what way do Crocs exploit animals???

1 03 2010

I don’t mean Crocs exploit animals.
I mean all leather shoes do.

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