MEC Nanu Gloves

24 02 2010

MEC Nanu Bike Gloves

I use these MEC Nanu gloves mostly when I’m winter biking on my Pugsley.

Things I like about ’em:

  • they are warm [worn them at -37 deg C while biking hard for more than 1hr]
  • they fit well
  • they are water resistant enough for anything, but rain
  • the lobster design lets you work the bike controls just fine
  • they’ve got a fleece “snot pad” on each thumb!
  • they are reasonably priced
  • MEC has an awesome return policy and excellent customer service

What I don’t like:

  • they are wearing out prematurely at the base of each thumb even though the rest of the glove is in perfect shape

I’m going to keep using them until they are totally wrecked, but instead of getting 4-8 years of winter use that the bulk of the glove could handle they’ll be toast by the spring after essentially one season of use [half of the last two winters].  I’m hoping that MEC extends the leather palm reinforcing patch out a bit more to cover the base of the palm where mine wore through. If they do this I would highly recommend this product and would buy another pair.

In fairness I should note that riders with different sized hands and/or different handle bar/control setup might not experience the same issues I have.  I’m using a Titec H-bar with Ergon grips and an Alfine trigger shifter on my Pugsley.



One response

5 03 2010

I found my pair let too much wind in through the inside fleece of the two fingers. I do like them though.. maybe mine just had bad insulation distribution

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