Thorn Nomad Mk1 Cockpit Mods

22 02 2010

Rohloff shifter and modified Ergon Grip

I’ve been trying out my Rohloff shifter mounted to a Thorn Accessory Bar and didn’t love it – details here.  It’s taken me a while, but I’ve gotten around to moving the shifter to my Titec H-bars.  Since the Titec H-bar is a little short on space I’ve had to cut down the right Ergon Grip to fit.  This is the same setup as I use on my Surly Big Dummy.  I’m going to really enjoy having much easier access to this shifter.  I don’t shift a lot compared to some people, but having to take my hand off the bars and hunt down the Rohloff shifter was not much fun at all.

Dual Thorn Accessory Bars

I no longer need the second smaller Thorn Accessory Bar so I’ll be getting rid of it at some point when the mood strikes me to tinker.  For now I’m not using my Ortlieb handle bar bag so I’ll put my headlight on it out of the way.

Bird's eye view of cockpit...



6 responses

23 02 2010

It would be swell to see a set of H-bar barends that clamp on to any mtb bar. Then you could mount the rohloff shifter on the flats; thumbshifters might work well there too. Would also allow the angle to be user tunable, and the use of this style bar with stems that don’t have removable plates, like my old softride stem.

24 02 2010

Looks as if getting to the brakes in a hurry might be interesting, Is the grip-shift comfortable enough to have your hands on the whole time?

24 02 2010

Braking is normal there is nothing special about the reach to the levers.

I’ve spent days riding a very similar setup on my Surly Big Dummy and not had any comfort issues – however that sort of thing is very personal so it may bother other people.

25 02 2010

i cut down my alfine triggers to get the hbar setup just right on my pugsley. they were getting in the way of my fingers wrapping around the bar quickly. now it is perfect. i also hacked off the ‘gear window’ on the shifter cause it was making a rattle (and is generally useless to me anyway). i sealed it up with some caulk, now there’s not a peep. you can see the details here:
alfine triggers cut OFF

3 03 2010

Did you ever try the Cane Creek Ergo Control bar ends that Thorn sells? The one you have is an Ergon, if I am not mistaken.


3 03 2010

Sorry I’ve never seen them before.

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