Blundstone Chunks Review

21 02 2010

Foot Heaven!

I’m a bit surprised by how much I like these shoes.  I’ve been wearing a pair of Blundstone Chunks for the past year. I’m usually more of a trail runner/sandal kind of guy, but decided I needed some footwear that was a little more dressy – these Blundstones seemed like a good compromise.

I’ve got foot issues so being able to put an orthopedic insole in a shoe is important.  I’ve found a great insole that makes my foot happy so I was glad they fit great inside the Chunks.  The fit is on the loose side which at first felt insecure, but now that I’m used to them I like the loose fit.  It’s very comfortable and I’ve never had any issues with my feet slipping inside the shoe. The sole is quite grippy and provides a ton of cushioning.  In fact these shoes are the most comfortable I have, including trail runners. I was concerned my feet would get sweaty, but these shoes seem to breathe quite well.  I have used them in snowy conditions which was no problem.  I haven’t tried monsoon type rain yet!

At first I used these just when I needed to look a little more stylish than runners would allow, but the more I wore them the more I wanted to wear them.  I actually think they make a great biking [touring/commuting/utility] shoe and I’m going to try hiking in them this summer.  I’ve sort of made peace with the idea they’ll get a little trashed. So far the only maintenance they’ve needed was a bit of black shoe polish every couple weeks. I’ll give them hell this year and report back what happens…=-)

Having problem feet I get really frustrated by the fact every time I find shoes that work they get discontinued for something new and improved – usually something that is so improved it doesn’t really work for me.  So the fact these shoes have been around a while and the changes year to year seem to be minimal makes me happy.

I thought I’d share my experience in case anyone was looking for some comfy stylish shoes that you can still be active in.

BTW – they also make a really dressy version and a steel toed work boot version.

BTW2 – here is a review of a similar model of Blundstone from Outside Magazine

BTW3 – please note Blundstones are sized using the UK/Australian system so you’ll have to convert to the US system and they fit a bit large so you may want to get a size or half size smaller than you normally wear.



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21 02 2010

Do you know if they sell them in the U.S.A.?

21 02 2010
21 02 2010

One thing to be careful of is these shoes are sized suing the UK/Australian chart so you’ll need to convert your US Men’s foot size to a UK Men’s:

To make this a bit more complex they also seem to be a bit large for their size….so I would normally buy a size 11.5 US Men’s shoe…that’s a UK Men’s size 11.0, but my Blundstones fit great and are a UK Men’s 10.0!

21 02 2010

You’ve no idea how hilarious it is to hear Blundstones being mentioned as “a little more dressy” than sneakers/trailrunners. To me they are farm boots – they are the boots my Dad always wears, and my friends Dads always wore while growing up. And of course I had a pair for hanging out on the farm as well. Their natural state is scuffed and dirty and covered in dust and mud and who knows what else 🙂

21 02 2010

I hear you! Even for my more stylish friends the Blundstones seem like hiking boots compared to what they’d wear, but if all you have is some ratty trail runners or scuffed up Crocs the Blundstones [assuming they’ve lived a civilized city life…=-)] seem downright classy!

19 01 2011
Dolan Halbrook

Hi Vik,

I just ordered a pair of 550s for winter commuting in PDX. Looks like you’ve had yours for a year or so now, are you still happy with them?

19 01 2011

@Dolan- I think I am on year 2 or so and love them. Bike riding is no problem in them…I haven’t used them for full on bushwhacking…..I’m leery of trashing the leather….but there are my most worn urban shoes…I got a black and brown pair so they go with everything.

20 03 2011

I’ve got a 2yr old pair of Blundies that I thrash.

I know I could have taken better care, but my dog chewed the right boot when I first got em. Boots and dog were only three weeks old (rescue). So I decided WTF, who cares. Boots and dog are still here. I haven’t had best experience hiking/packing up and down hills, 6miles. My foot shifts too much. Still, I’m considering taking them as my primary boot for WWOOFing in South America over the coming year. Water proof, hard workers, comfortable. Great boots all around.

28 10 2011

Good call, Vik!
I love my Blundstones. I’ve worn out two pairs over the last 20+ years (technically three as I recently discovered some rodentia made a meal of the heals of my beloved Blundstone chisel toes. Varmints!).
I recently discovered a nice alternative to Blundstones: 511 Company boot
A Blundstone knock off, for sure, but comfy and tough.

31 12 2011
Brian Harrison

I just bought a pair and have one hell of a job getting them on and off – the elastic is too tight – ‘slip on and off with ease’ you got to be joking. Is there any way to stretch the elastic (quickly) without wreking yhe boot?

1 01 2012

@Brian – mine slip on and off without a thought so I can’t help you with stretching them. Not every boot works well for every foot shape/size.

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