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17 02 2010

Torture testing a MEC sleeping bag...

If you are Canadian you probably buy some of your outdoor gear from Mountain Equipment Coop.  I certainly do as evidenced by the large dividend cheques I receive every few years.  Although I do like and support MEC some of the gear they are selling these days is not up to the high standards they used to have for quality and performance.  If you want to help steer the coop back on track one useful way is to write reviews on the site for products you’ve used.  By identifying the good stuff as well as the bad stuff you are getting feedback straight to the folks that buy the gear for each department.  As a bonus other MEC members can use these reviews to steer clear of bad gear.  I’ve started leaving reviews for the items that I like the most and the ones that I had significant problems with.  The review software is easy to use and quite functional from both the reviewer’s and potential buyer’s perspectives.



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17 02 2010

hahahaha. I had opened this post from my google reader, got a few phone calls, and was getting back to work and checking what windows I’ve got going on. This pictures popped up and I was so not expecting it. I burst out laughing. This is great!

17 02 2010

Hi Vik,
Do you have an email address that I can email you something, made in Banff, that you might like to have/review?


17 02 2010

Hola Scott…you can email me at threeohm “at” gmail “dot” com



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