Rohloff vs. Mud

15 02 2010

#1 reason to run a Rohloff...

One of the things that’s great about running a Rohloff equipped bike is how impervious to mud/dirt it is.  The hub will shift as nicely clean as it will coated in mud and filth.  This photo came from a proud owner of a Thorn Raven Sport on the Thorn Forum.  I had a similar experience with my Rohloff equipped Surly Big Dummy on the Dempster Highway.

It’s not a question of the Rohloff still being able to manage a shift when covered in mud…the crazy thing is it shifts just as well dirty as it does sparkling clean.  When all the rest of your gear starts malfunctioning because of mud it will blow your mind that your bike still shifts perfectly.

Rohloff 1 - Mud 0

If you are not familiar with Rohloff hubs Thorn has a useful guide available here.



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16 02 2010

I am now thoroughly convinced.

Winter => Hub gears

There is no way I want to go back to routinely cleaning cassettes and jockey wheels only to have to replace most of the drive train when I leave it too long.

6 03 2010

thanks for including my pic..wish my rims were as
hardy as the hub! – 6 months through a harsh UK winter and
they’re shot to pieces!! [see the Thorn forum,

9 03 2010

The winter this year in the UK has been an absolute grind (figuratively and literally). It points to adopting one of three strategies for commuting:

1. ride a cheap bike and expect it to be rubbished by spring
2. ride an old summer bike and expect the same
3. go for a bike that can stand the rigours of Local Authority gritting

1 and 2 are fairly common approaches, but 3 is probably more sustainable – probably this points to disc brakes as well as hub gears

9 03 2010

For the many folks who don’t want or can’t fit disc brakes to an existing frame there are rim options that make rims extremely long lasting while still using rim brakes.

For example:

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