Bicycle Poem Redux

14 02 2010
Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Photo: Copenhagen Cycle Chic

There were cathedrals falling out of your eyes
And your arms were the handlebars
I held in an abbreviated dream of crushed petals
Strewn across the limpid avenues.

I said, “I have poems for you”
But my words were lost in the wind.
I said, “I love you”
And you drifted into sleep.

And so I said nothing and rode you in and out of the rooms
Where we had stretched the boundaries of the soul
Like an endless sheet
And I felt you waking up between my legs.

“Bicycle Poem”
by Noelle Kocot



4 responses

14 02 2009

Wow and nice and racy for Valentine’s too!

14 02 2009

Well Walter…I’m no Lance Armstrong so I gotta get my racy on anyway I can!…=-)

15 02 2009

I found your blog via Copenhagen Cycle Chic.. Hello!

I love this poem, so glad that you posted it!

I’ll now be a keen reader of your blog too.. 🙂 Yay!

16 02 2009

Thanks Kat….glad to have you aboard…=-)

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