Terracycle Big Dummy & Xtracycle Idlers

12 02 2010

Terracycle Big Dummy Dual Idler

Terracycle is offer a dual idler kit for the Surly Big Dummy and a single idler kit for the Xtracycle.  I haven’t used either of these products, but I have used other Terracycle idler kits on my recumbents and was pleased with the quality and performance of them.

Xtracycle Single Idler



7 responses

12 02 2010

Hey Vik,

Looks interesting…
But how often do you notice the chain hitting the frame?
For instance riding bumps…
I am setting up the Big Dummy with a Rohloff hub like you did..
I recon the chain should stay pretty stable , not using a derailleur sytem..

12 02 2010

I haven’t needed one with my Rohloff…it would be more useful for someone with a derailleur drivetrain or who really wants to keep the chain up high for some reason.

12 02 2010

Would this idler eliminate the Rohloff chain tensioner, or is that possible on the Big Dummy?

12 02 2010

I can’t see how this idler would eliminate the chain tensioner on a Big Dummy with an IGH.

23 02 2011

I have a Big D. that I use for off road touring (Colorado GDR last summer) and am going to put an Aline 11 spd on it soon. I just talked to Clever Cycles in Portland, OR and they said they have put together a BD with a Rohloff using the Terracycle idler and was able to eliminate the tensioner.
Vik, you inspired me along with the Riding the Spine guys to go the BD route, It’s awesome for loaded dirt outring!

23 02 2011

@MW – gald the BD is treating you right. If you have any photos of the TC idler setup with an IGH eliminating the tensioner I’d love to see them..=-)

25 02 2011

I plan on visiting Clever Cycles this Spring and will try and capture a pic there.

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