Free Bike Stuff…

11 02 2010

100% Free!

I’ve got a bin of bike stuff that I need to get rid of.  I’ll be taking it to a local bike coop in a week or so.  If you want a crack at what’s in it drop by before then.  There is lots of potentially useful items in it…no junk.



7 responses

11 02 2010

I never thought I’d want to live in Canada as much as I have this week!

13 02 2011
dylan melia

i would like to have it send it 2 me
by post my adress is
20 crossacre road ,liverpool
l25 2yg

13 02 2011

@Dylan – that stuff was given away many months ago and it’s not realistic to ship a box of bike parts to the UK from Canada given the postal costs.

14 09 2012
robert richardson

i would like the stuff can you please send it to me my name is robert richardson my address is 620 Wayne Street ,erie,pa.16503

14 09 2012

Wayne the post you replied to is from 2010. That stuff is long gone.

21 06 2015
Cameron Hufford

I’ll take it all

26 06 2015

@Cameron – read the comments

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