Winterizing my Thorn Nomad MK1

8 02 2010

Schwalbe Snow Stud

The roads around here are crusty snow and ice.  Not much new snow, but several warm cycles combined with a few deep freezes has made things treacherous.  My Pugsley works pretty well, but some studded tires would be better and I had a set Anna left me when she headed to California so I mounted them on my Thorn Nomad Mk1.

Carbide studs - the other winter weapon!

I do like the fact this bike has full coverage fenders so I can wear some decent clothes and go out after a ride across downtown.  The Rohloff means no maintenance which appeals to my lazy side…=-)

Shimano Dynohub

Additionally I had a 26″ dynohub wheel I wasn’t using that would be really useful on a winter bike due to the short amount of daylight available each day.  I’ll be mounting the Solidlights 1203D from my Bike Friday NWT.  I can just leave it on 24/7 and not worry about my batteries running out.

Two lights are better than one...

I like having multiple lights on my bikes at night – especially in the winter as snow/ice/fog can make visibility worse than ever.

Zipties - cheap and effective...

I don’t have any mounts for my Thorn’s rear rack, so I just zipped tied a Planet Bike Superflash on.  Not the most elegant solution, but it works just fine.

My Nomad looking the business!



5 responses

8 02 2010

nice. biking ALL the time is indeed where it is at for me.
i have a planet bike mount just has a center hole to bolt to a rear rack hole. works really well on my surly nice rear rack (which actually has a braze-on that the mount just screws in to). i bet one could just drill a hole into a reg seatpost mount and bolt that to the rear rack.
i keep a PB blinky on the back of my helmet. i think that and a rack light are a good combo.

11 02 2010

Hey Vik, I see you’re running the snow studs in what would be considered the “wrong” direction. I use them too, and I forget if they have a rotational arrow on them. How are they with the way you have them set up? I’m basing this on the picture of your rear wheel. I have mine installed opposite and I’m more than amazed how they shed slush slop and even mud. I’ve rarely had the tire make a rotation without losing every bit of stuff and be totally ready for contact again in all conditions. Just wondering if there is a particular reason you’re running yours that way. Cheers.

11 02 2010

My tires have two directional arrows….one for front and one for rear. So the two tires are setup to run in the opposite directions. I assume for more traction on the rear and less rolling resistance on the front. Probably doesn’t make a huge difference either way.


14 02 2010

Just out of curiosity – what are your thoughts on Velocity rims? I’ve already got them, but you seem to have reviewed lots of other things, but not your rims.

Many thanks

15 02 2010

I’ve had several wheelsets built up with Velocity rims. They’ve been trouble free and are available in lots of sizes/models which is handy. I’d certainly use them again if I was building a wheel. I’ve also had good luck with Mavic rims.

My only wheel failures have been on machine built mtn bike wheels that have been used for trail riding.

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