Prior Snowboards

7 02 2010

Prior 4WD

My main interest over the years in snowboarding has been alpine riding.  Back in the day finding a carving board and hard boots [similar to ski boots] along with plate bindings to attach you very firmly to the board wasn’t a big deal. Burton used to offer 5-6 models to choose from. After my layoff from snowboarding I had a look a round at what was being offered and was surprised that nobody was selling alpine boards.  Carving was gone from the radar and it was just freestyle and powder.  I’m not a jumper [too frail!], but I do like powder!  The Burton Supermodel board I’m riding now is a great powder board that’s still good in less than epic conditions. Last trip to Castle Mountain we spent quite a bit of time ripping up the freshly groomed runs laying down deep carves…fun fun fun!  That reminded me how much I loved carving.  Problem with the Supermodel is that it’s quite wide and my soft boots do not give a lot of precision to the inputs from my feet.  The result is slow and sloppy carving – by comparison.  Sort of like the difference between a a mountain bike with slicks and a road race bike.

The next time I was online I did some Googling and was shocked to find that Prior Snowboards out of Whistler BC still made dedicated carving boards like I used to ride.  Sweet!  I’m going to track down my hard boots and plate bindings to make sure everything still works/fits.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this board, the Prior 4WD, and maybe pick one up over the summer for next season.

Photo: Prior Snowboards



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7 02 2010

There is actually a very active carver community in Switzerland but most people are also into freestyle. I don’t get it at all because carving is really so much fun. I just bought a new board which is really a great fusion that allows me to carve really extremely but is also very usable in powder:

The inventer of this boards is a rather crazy guy who also developed his own carving-style called pureboarding. Check out the video:

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