Aluminum Fatback

31 01 2010

Photo: Speedway Cycles Aluminum Fatback

Speedway Cycles now has an aluminum version of their Fatback frame/fork selling for $600 and it comes in sizes as small as 14″.

The Fatback uses:

  • 100mm e-type derailleur
  • 165mm rear hub spacing
  • 135mm fork
  • 120mm tire clearance – that’s 4.7″
  • available in pink!



4 responses

31 01 2010

Lighter than the Pug, I guess. Maybe two pounds lighter? Wheels matter more, though. Can’t complain about aluminum road noise with tires that big, either!

Now if somone built a complete fat bike, so I could afford one… Surly told me to piss-off when I mentioned it.

31 01 2010

I gotta get a fat bike!
It’ll probably be a Pugsley, but this is neat ooh

1 02 2010

There may be no weight savings…it’s really impossible to tell without getting one on a scale. I’ve picked up lots of heavy aluminum frames and quite a few light steel ones.

6 02 2010
Michael Meiser

Real men wear black.

but a real bad *ss to wear pink.

And I believe that’s what any fat tire bike is. A bad *ss bike.

In summary… the color is the coolest feature. 🙂

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