Burton EST Bindings – not Old Skool!

27 01 2010

Burton Supermodel snowboard with EST bindings...

Most snowboard manufacturers still use a 4 hole disc system to attach the bindings to the board.  That’s what I’ve been using for the last 20 years or so.  It works well and allows almost 180 degrees of adjustment of your bindings.  The downside is that it requires two large metal plates or some similarly stiff inserts to be built into the snowboard so you have 8 or so holes at each foot position to allow the bindings to be adjusted laterally as needed for each rider.

Burton has decided to move to a new system using a flexible channel and only two bolts per binding to hold it onto the board.  This is good because it allows the board to flex naturally and is very easy to adjust if you want to move your bindings around – say to the rear for a big dump of powder.  However, there are a few problems with the new system:

  • you only have 2 bolts holding each foot to the board so a loose bolt is a huge problem whereas with the old 4 bolt per binding system it was not much of a big deal.  Check your binding bolts every ride!
  • the binding hardware is totally unique to Burton.  If you loose one you’ll be screwed unless there is a Burton dealer close at hand.  Definitely get two spare bolts/nuts.
  • EST bindings have a limited range of stance angles for each binding [27 deg on the front and 12 deg on the rear foot].  If you ride high angles you are going to be out of luck.
  • EST bindings can’t be adjusted for as narrow a stance as traditional bindings.
  • EST bindings are not common so if you break a binding you can’t just throw another one on to get you through your trip unless it’s also an EST binding.  There is a way around this by getting an adapter disc from your Burton dealer which it makes sense to carry with you on a longer trip just in case.

Traditional Burton bindings with EST adapter...

I’ve tried my Burton Supermodel with EST bindings and they just don’t offer enough stance angle adjustment and I can’t get my feet close enough to each other to be comfortable.  I’m currently running 30 deg front/18 deg rear with a 19″ stance width.  I’m using a traditional style Burton Mission binding with an EST adapter disc provided for free by my local Burton dealer.  This gives me almost all the advantages of the EST system with nearly unlimited stance angles and a narrower stance width.

I should point out that for most new riders the EST bindings give more than enough adjustment since current trends in snowboarding are towards low stance angles and twin tip boards.  So don’t worry about it unless you have been snowboarding for 10 years+ and want to run an old skool setup.  I started in 1991 and at some points was running angles as high as 55 front and 45 rear!!



4 responses

19 12 2011

So you are saying you can use an old burton board with the 3 hole system with the new kind of channel system bindings if I can get an adapter disk?

4 03 2013

lol great article~!

i found out the hard way today that the EST bindings from burton has a limit of about +24 in the front and +12 for the back… incidentally, i run exactly that: +24/+12 !! I started in 2000, and i think the starting point for a beginner was somewhere around there, because I adjusted it to the present 24/12 after fine tuning what felt right to me in my first two seasons for riding. and i’ve been riding like that for 10 years lol, and finally decided to “upgrade” my equipment and got a Burton channel board and EST bindings. and this is what i found out– if you run angles outside the range, then you either have to get regular bindings with EST disc adapters like you did, or not get a Burton channel board…

i mainly bomb steep runs or do big carves (body almost touching the snow, woot!), so the forward angle feels “right” for me. if i did more tricks or switch riding, etc. i think the current trend of duck angles (+12/-12 for example) makes sense…

i think eventually i’m just gonna get a total racing/alpine snowboard with hard boots and run like +50/+40 :))

6 01 2014

Shame, I ride 27degree front, system looks cool though, sounds like they need to make the channel lines longer aswell as the channel for the screws in the binding to allow for more angle, they might wanna put two channel lines for each binding for saftey too.

30 03 2016

Thanx for the information. Wish I had read it before i bought the EST binding. What a disappointment to find out that the degree angel didn´t work. If you have 27 on your front binding you can´t center the binding as you want. That means that the actual degree is down to 18 with my 42 size boot.

Kind of strange that a brand like Burton miss out to advice customer that fact. Even more strange that they build a binding with that disadvantage. For a freeride binding?

It would be ok if old school was bad in a riding preference. But it´s not!
Need to get a new binding and an adapter disc…

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