Free Winterstick All Mtn Snowboard…

23 01 2010

Winterstick Snowboard

Update: the board is spoken for – thanks!

I’m giving away the snowboard shown above [no bindings incl.] to anyone who wants to pick it up from me in Calgary.  It’s a Winterstick All Mountain ~162cm.  It’s a stiff fast board that’s in good condition and could be used for a couple more seasons of shredding.

I was going to keep it as my rock board for poor condition riding so I didn’t damage my main board, but I don’t have any bindings that fit it and I’m just not all that likely to bother heading to the mountains if there isn’t a good base and some decent snow.  So I’d rather see someone else riding it than just continuing to store it.



5 responses

24 01 2010
Allen Matus

Hi Vik , I live in Calgary and would take the board if it was still available.Thanks Allen.

24 01 2010
Doug D

I only get out about once per year but if you lack better offers, it would be a good replacement for my 1989 Shawn Palmer…


24 01 2010

I’ve got three people interested in the board. I’ll give each person a couple days to collect the board. If they don’t I’ll offer it to the next person.

Thanks for your interest…

28 01 2010

Thanks for the beer Allen! I was just lamenting both my lack of beer and my laziness in not buying more. I’m stocked for the weekend now!..=-)

BTW – sorry I had to be brief I was in the middle of learning some new software for work. If you want to hook up for a beer or coffee and chat bikes drop me a line. I’d love to hear what my old Bob trailer has been up to all these years..=-)

2 02 2010
Allen Matus

Vik,Sorry to say no epic adventures like yourself with the bob .You know how to live dude!Would love to get together sometime for a beer and to check out your pugs.Thanks again, Allen

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