Washing your hands – Just Do It!

20 01 2010

Hand washing made easy.

This is one of the most important item of gear I carry on any trip.  Why?  It doesn’t matter how awesome your touring bike is, how killer your kiteboarding setup or how many times you’ve been to Calcutta…if you don’t keep your hands clean you will get sick. Being sick ruin a trip and is never fun.  The most important way to stay healthy is to wash your hands regularly and especially after high risk activities like going to the bathroom, touching raw meat or shaking hands with a large group of people.

Most people don’t wash their hands properly with soap and water so hand sanitizer is a good option for traveling.  Especially since it doesn’t require water or a towel.  It’s cheap and now widely available.  A little goes a long way.  I’ve spent 3 months in India with a few tubes of the stuff.

My record for staying healthy on the road is nearly perfect and frequent hand washing is definitely a major part of the reason.



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20 01 2010

You forgot to mention to sanitize while around children and after you have been around them – they are disease carriers and factories! I have to be especially diligent these days, so you may want to carry a vat of hand sanitizer when we visit. Hugs!

20 01 2010

Good point…I just avoid small children entirely…!!! I spend time with a kid under 16yrs maybe once a month and rarely touch them if I can help it…..=-)

20 01 2010
Duncan Watson

I carry a small container of sanitizer on my bike. Very useful.

20 01 2010

If you happen to get some grease on your hands, in many cases the hand sanitizer will help get it off easily. Rub the now wet hands on your shorts or in the grass to finish up.

Or just carry some latex/nitrile gloves and use them instead (c:

24 01 2010

We carried hand sanitizer with us all the way from Georgia to Maine when we thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. We used it everyday after every nature call and before eating anything. Neither of us got sick. Many people get sick and say they got giardia on trips like this. Most of them most likely got sick from poor hygiene, not from a bad bug.

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