Thanks Ian!

15 01 2010

Ian on the far right in his white Quest velomobile

Well I’m not stoked to be stranded so close to home for so many days [looks like it will be Monday before I’m rolling again…=-(], but on the plus side I got to meet Ian a local recumbent/crankforward/xtracycle enthusiast I’ve been chatting with online for a long time.  Even better he showed me his cool fleet of bikes – the prize being his lovely white Quest velomobile.  I’ve never seen a velomobile so that was very cool.  It’s a sleek machine that would be ideal for a cold/wet weather commute.

I gotta say that even though Ian has some uber cool bikes the thing I was most jealous of was the 3 car garage he has ’em in!!!!….=-)  Heck a one car garage would rock my world, but a 3 car garage is a dream scenario.

Thanks Ian for an enjoyable diversion in Kennewick, WA…=-)



2 responses

28 01 2010

I met Ian and saw his Quest in Idaho last year. I had some serious lust over that machine. Nice kid! So what happened that you were stranded? Not the new Ford, I hope!

28 01 2010

No the new Ford is running fine!

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