La Ventana Photos….

14 01 2010

Hanging with Deanna on the playa....

Most of my La Ventana photos have been posted on Flickr here.  A few more may get posted over the next couple weeks.

I’m nearly home so this blog should be getting some regular attention shortly.  I’m only a day’s drive from Calgary, but my newly installed transmission failed after 8-9 days of driving so I’m stuck in Kennewick WA for a few days while a new one gets shipped to me and installed.  At least this time it’s a warranty repair that won’t cost me anything [other than hotel and food]. Seems like I picked an opportune time to replace my truck.  I won’t be taking the old one too far from home again!

Although I can’t say I was happy to leave La Ventana if I had to go home before summer this was as good a time as any.  I am looking forward to getting the Pugsley out in the snow and getting as much value from my season’s pass at Castle Mtn as I can.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season…now it’s time to welcome in 2010 and make the most of the time we have!…=-)



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14 01 2010

Kennewick!?! That’s my town!

You need to call me! OK, not that there’s much to do in this place; and if there was, I’m not one to do that much anyway. But if you’re here for “a few days”, definitely need to at least meet up with ya. I’ve got your ‘threeohm’ gmail address, will send ya my number there. Or, get back to me,

14 01 2010

On another note, that’s some serious bad luck, killing a new transmission on a few thousand miles. Looks like the new truck just stepped in for road trip duty.

14 01 2010
Tamia Nelson

Hey, Vic, welcome back to the world! Been enjoying Baja with you, here where the sun doan shine.

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