SUP Ladies?

21 11 2009

Pretty in Pink?

How to get your lady stoked about Stand Up Paddkle boards?  Get one in pink or it could be lavendar…lol…need to verify at the beach and let her know so she can bring the appropriate paddling outfit….=-)

You can even get a matching paddle!

I stopped by Stand Up Paddle Sports in Santa Barbra California for some SUP therapy.  They had a huge selection of boards and accessories…sort of like SUP heaven…=-)  I got a spare paddle and some leashes as well as a bunch of spare fins and accessories like locks and bags for my SUPs.  I also scored the pinkish SUP in the photos.  It’s an 11′ x 30″ Bill Foote SUP that will be a good match for the used Starboard 11’2″ x 30″ SUP I got from The Easy Rider in Edmonton.  So I’ve got two all rounders that my GF and I can paddle together [naturally she’ll want the pink one!] and I’ve got the 9’8″ x 30″ Starboard which is a dedicated surfing machine.

More pink SUP porn...=-)

I wish I had more time in Santa Barbara I would’ve liked a couple days of SUP surfing lessons.  I’ll mess around on my own in La Ventana and perhaps I’ll be able to fit some real surfing lessons in on my way home.

Note: all photos are from the Stand up Paddle Sports Blog



One response

24 11 2009

Nice score Vik.
Glad to see you supporting the other “Warren” in the industry 🙂

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