vikapproved [TM]

19 11 2009

Joshua Tree Hijinx

Update: for some reason I just don’t like the name change.  Maybe this blog has been called the The Lazy Randonneur so long it feels wrong to change it.  Oh well it was worth a try.  I’ll stick with the old name for now.

Since I’m taking a break from blogging I figured it was a good opportunity to change the name of this blog.  The Lazy Randonneur was a play on words when I was keen on riding recumbents in brevets.  Since that hasn’t happened in a while and although I’m still going to ride brevets when the mood strikes me the main focus of this blog won’t be long distance endurance cycling.  With my interest in water sports growing the topics discussed on this blog aren’t even strictly cycling anymore so it seems like a new name is in order.

Vikapproved [TM] was the title of my now defunct personal blog over on Blogger. With the advent of Facebook that blog ceased to make sense so I killed it.  However, I always liked the title as it has been an inside joke amongst my friends for a longtime.  Since I spend the most time obessing over gear whenever my friends want to buy a new bike, tent or digital camera they ask me what’s currently Vikapproved and I give them my opinion.

So from now on this blog will be called Vikapproved and I’ll continue to post about whatever I’m into at the moment, gear reviews, trip reports, rants and raves, etc…

The Lazy Rando URLs will all still point here as will and



3 responses

15 11 2009
Brian Ogilvie

Makes sense to me. Have a great trip!

15 11 2009

It was a great play on word! Right up there with Drunk Cyclist & iclimbrope!

16 11 2009
Doug D

Enjoy Baja. We’ll have to get together when you get back for some winter riding.

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