Adios Amigos – Surf’s Up!

15 11 2009

Well everything for Baja is packed.  All my critical work is done and I’m heading south of the border Monday AM.  I hope everyone has a great winter, stays safe and enjoys the holidays.  I am not sure if I’ll be posting from Baja or not.  I may, but I don’t want to make any plans until I see how things work out at La Ventana.  I’ll be working on my laptop as it is for my “real job” so it’s hard to say whether I’ll be motivated to spend more time on a computer.

I’m really stoked to get a ton of hours on my kiteboard gear and learn to surf…not to mention rolling my Pugsley across miles of beach sand in search of cold beers n’ tacos!



4 responses

15 11 2009

Have a good one!!!


15 11 2009
Rob Sayers

Have fun man!

24 11 2009
Lee Beck

Came across your blog via a comment you made on a cycling baja post on the lonely planet site. I’m pretty set on a tour mid jan through mid feb. How long are you going to be down there? As of now, I’m going alone and it would be fun to meet up with somebody who knows their way around, even if just for a beer or 3.

26 11 2009

Hi Lee – I’ll be back in Canada around mid-Jan so looks like we won’t connect. Baja is one of my favourite places to bike tour – you’ll have a wonderful time….=-)

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