Big Dummy Frame Clearance

4 11 2009

Surly Big Dummy

Mike let me know that Tree Fort Bikes is clearing out Surly Big Dummy frames for just over $600USD. Their online store is showing all sizes in stock – although that could be incorrect.  Anyways if you are looking to build up a Big Dummy this is a sweet deal.



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4 11 2009

wow, what a deal! But, for a guy who is trying to save some pennies, I’d rather not know about such deals!!!!

4 11 2009

I saw it for the same price at too. There must be a surplus of frames out there right now.

4 11 2009

Good deal. I like Treefort, but I have ordered from them a couple times now only to be told that my item was no longer in stock. Sure is tempting though…

10 11 2009

I’ve refrained from asking but am nearly blind searching high and low for reviews, opinions, first-hand experience from anyone who’s ridden a Big Dummy with drop handlebars. You touched on it in a previous post but I was hoping you could elaborate or point me in the right direction.

I’ll be touring through North and South America for upwards of two years and find myself torn between the LHT and the BD now that the BD is on close-out. When it comes to the BD, though, I don’t want to part ways with drops. I’m just trying to think through all the possible downsides/limitations to riding a BD with drops.

Any reason bar end shifters wouldn’t work? I’ve never used disc brakes; would rim brakes be marginally strong enough? Any downside to disc brakes in remote, undeveloped countries? …Other thoughts?

10 11 2009

The BD has a really long TT so if you are going to use drops make sure you factor that in….you’ll want a smaller frame than if you use MTB bars.

As for discs here is a post I made about that subject:

“I run both rim and disc brakes [Avid BB7s]. I wouldn’t want disc brakes on a go anywhere touring bike.

Some things to think about:
– can you get spare parts for disc brakes as easily as v-brakes?
– disc brakes add more dish to your wheels [you now would have a dished front wheel]
– disc brakes pads can wear out quite quickly in gritty conditions
– v-brakes provide loads of stopping power [can you skid wheels or endo with v-brakes?..I can.]
– disc rotors are easy to damage in transit
– are expedition tourists on your site finding rims are wearing out particularly fast?
– disc brakes can overheat as well at similar temperature ranges as rim brakes
– v-brakes take seconds to adjust and don’t require much attention
– disc brakes complicate rack mounting
– discs are heavier and more expensive
– disc brakes require special hubs [how easy will they be to find on the road overseas?]
– large disc rotors can create so much braking force on sticky [paved] roads you can damage the fork/frame
– disc brakes will require a fork that can handle the forces involved and may compromise the comfort of the bike: look at the Safari, Big Dummy, Karate Monkey forks [all designed for disc brakes] compared to the LHT, REI Randonee, Thorn, Trek 520 forks [all designed for rim brakes].

I am a techy person and when disc brakes first came out I was sure they’d be better than v-brakes. After years of using both I’d prefer to use v-brakes on my touring bikes.

I haven’t been overly impressed with disc brakes when touring on wet muddy roads and the fast pad wear is a real problem under these conditions if you can’t get spares.

Not all rims are made equal – if wearing out rims is an issue you need to purchase rims that have a thicker and/or more durable braking surface.

A quick survey of touring bike manufacturers:
– Surly – they love discs, but don’t spec them on the LHT
– Trek 520 – no discs
– Bruce Gordon – no discs
– Thorn – no discs
– Koga-Miyata – no discs
– Cannondale – no discs
– Rocky Mtn Sherpa – no discs

On Eric Parsons recent Lost Coast Tour he and his partner had to ride brakeless as the pads wore out so fast on their Avid BB7s due to the wet gritty conditions.

Just so I don’t sound like a disc hater I have 3 sets of Avid BB7s in service and I have toured on two different disc equipped bikes. If I was commuting in the PNW or in a Canadian winter I’d spec a bike with discs.”

29 12 2009

I took advantage of the treefortbike deal to get a BD under my xmas tree, well more like next to it in that huge box. AMAZING!! Some other online retailers have a price close to that, but treefort does better on the shipping. No LBS could compete with that deal unfortunately.

A build question for your BD. Was there any particular reason you went with a FSA Orbit XL-II for the headset instead of a Chris King?

30 12 2009

Those FSA headsets are a better value – have ’em on many of my bikes…aircraft quality bearings and cheap cost. Nothing wrong with King…I’ve had ’em, but they’ve never impressed me as worth the extra $$$ over the FSA.

12 04 2010

Am planning on starting the Continental divide (and continuing onwards until an as yet undetermined time) in August this year. Have friends in Calgary, so will fly into Calgary and get a lift with them to Banff.

In order to save myself some excess baggage I’m going to ship a big dummy frame to my friends, then build the bike with parts I’ll bring with me (already have an Xtracycle setup in Oz).

1 – do you have problems getting Tree Fort (or similar) to ship to Canada? (their sites all talk about mainland US)
2 – Is there a community bike workshop where I could do the build? (my friend while he’s a mountain biker doesn’t have the tools).

Many thanks for any advice/help 🙂


12 04 2010

Tom…I’ve never shipped anything using Tree Fort, but shipping from US to Canada is no big deal. If you don’t have the frame yet it may be worth checking with John F @ what a frame bought in Calgary would cost you. The lack of shipping/border crossing may make it the same cost or cheaper?

I don’t know about Banff, but yes there is a bike coop in Calgary @ that will have what you need. I won’t be in town in August or I would just let you do the build at my place.

2 06 2010

Am getting the frame from John/Bow Cycles. The US retailers selling cheaper frames turned out to be very reluctant to ship to Canada. They wouldn’t even quote me a price. This is in contrast to the UK based outlets such as Wiggle who’ll ship anywhere with minimal fuss – ah well …

John’s kindly included a Mr Whirly Crank in the price for the frame 🙂

Shame I’ll not meet you, and thankyou for your help and input.

Can keep you updated on the trip and how the BD fares if you’re interested?

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