Josh’s Big Dummy For Sale

3 11 2009

Josh's sweet Big Dummy

Josh is selling his gorgeous Surly Big Dummy cargo bike.  Details are below – pls contact Josh directly about this sale as I am not involved in this transaction beyond helping a friend out with some coverage of his sale.

Surly Big Dummy 18″

Please contact Josh at joshmaus “at” gmail “dot” com if you are interested.  He is located in the Boise Idaho area.


Custom pianted Xtracycle parts look awesome.



8 responses

3 11 2009

Oh so tempting… its even fairly close too.

But I’ve already got the XtraStreet, and I’d probably need a smaller than 18″ frame.

3 11 2009

that’s an amazing deal. especially with a trailer like that.
love the powder coated xtracycle parts.

13 01 2010
Anthony J

Hello… Very nice ride..I am looking @ buying a big dummy & was wondering how tall you are….Im about 6ft even & looking @ a 20 ???? Yours is set up as I would set it up !!! Nice job.

13 01 2010

I’m 6″ and my BD is an 18″…the one shown in this post doesn’t belong to me.

18 11 2010
Ken B

Would you sell just the bike.


18 11 2010

You need to contact Josh directly at the email in the post. It’s not my bike.

13 09 2011
James Guest Jr

Is the bike still for sale? It looks fantastic!

14 09 2011

I’m pretty sure that bike sold in the 2yrs since it was put up for sale!

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