New Tikit Seatmast

1 11 2009
tikit handle

The new Tikit Seatmast & Rolling Handle

My Tikit is back at home from its vacation at Bike Friday HQ.  My bike received a new seatmast as part of a warranty repair.  I was happy that the repair itself took about a week with another week for shipping back and forth.  I was expecting it to take something like 4 weeks.  As I noted earlier the absence of my beloved Tikit was really the only downside to the cracked seatmast my bike suffered. I appreciate Bike Friday working quickly to get the bike back to me.

The new setamast has been redesigned to avoid cracking under use.  Part of the solution was to change the rolling handle design from the one below to the one shown above.  You’ll notice that the bottom of the seatmast is a handle that joins both ends of the seatmast assembly together.  This acts as a brace reducing stress on any one joint of the seatmast assembly.

I’ve only used the new rolling handle a few times so far.  My initial impression is that it’s quite comfortable and I feel like it gives me more rotational control over the folded Tikit when rolling.  I’ll try out a back to back test with the Season Tikit’s old style handle and see what I think.  The only complaint I have of the new handle is that it’s bare metal which isn’t particularly comfortable to hold and is quite cold on the hands.  I’ll be adding some black cloth hockey tape to the handle shortly to make it nicer to hold.

tikit foot dr

Old style unbraced seatmast.

I haven’t gotten around to reattaching my Tikit’s racks and fenders.  That’s on the menu for this week.  I might as well take the opportunity to swap out the slick Greenspeed Scorcher tires for the stock Schwalbe Marathons.  Having a bit of tread is a good thing in the winter.

Welcome home Tikit…=-)



8 responses

1 11 2009

A’right, now I’m waiting for the pictures of the wee Tikit posing next to the new monster truck. 😉

1 11 2009

NO BIKES………………..allowed????

Sad, so sad!!!


2 11 2009

Well Vik, the only thing I can think of the handle being metal would be not to put your tongue on it.


3 11 2009

Joboo – don’t worry I rolled my Tikit in that bldg right past the no bikes allowed sign….=-)

3 11 2009

Bikeboy – I like my Tikit, but not enough to kiss or lick it…=-)

14 12 2009
Neil Fein

Were you ever able to put the racks on the Tikit? I’m considering buying one, and I’m concerned about heel clearance with rear panniers.

15 12 2009

The standard Tikit rear rack fits fine, but it won’t take full size panniers. Folks are successfully using some of the smaller panniers on that rack.

15 12 2009
Neil Fein

Thanks. I think I may get the Tikit and use it as a commuter and for light touring only.

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