Schwalbe Marathon Extreme Tires For Sale

28 10 2009
Schwalbe Marathon Extreme

Schwalbe Marathon Extreme

Update: tires are sold.  When I get back from Baja I’ll invest in some new rubber for my Thorn Nomad.  At the moment I’m thinking of some Marathon Supreme 26 x 2.0″.

I’ve been using a set of Marathon Extreme tires [26 x 2.0″ folding bead] on my Thorn Nomad this summer.  I’ve got less than 500kms on them most of which is unloaded about town mileage.  I’m keen on trying some 26 x 2.0″ Marathon Supremes to see how they compare.  I’m trying to avoid stocking a huge number of expensive tires so I’d like to sell these and buy some Supremes with the cash.

The MSRP for a new Extreme is $77.75USD + shipping.  I’ll sell these for $50.00USD each with free shipping anywhere in North America. That’s a savings of 30% when you factor in shipping costs.

These tires are in perfect shape with no wear visible and no flats or other damage.

This is Schwalbe’s flagship expedition touring tire and would be my choice for a dirt/gravel road tour.

26 x 2.0" Extreme on my Thorn

26 x 2.0" Extreme on my Thorn

If you happen to have some Marathon Supremes [26 x 2.0″ folding bead] in decent condition [say less than 1000kms mileage] I’d be happy to do a no cost trade.



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21 09 2009
Steve Fuller

I have had a set of the Extreme’s on my gravel race bike for about 1500 miles now. They’ve seen a mix of gravel and pavement. Nice tires. Fast rolling on pavement, great grip and stability on gravel/dirt.

21 09 2009

how do they compare to the xr’s on gravel? much better or just a bit?
I’d be interested but I’m in Australia and i can get schwalbe’s at cost 🙂

9 10 2009

Hey Vik,

Off topic, but what kind of fenders have you got mounted on your Thorn??

9 10 2009

They are 60mm stainless steel Berthoud fenders.

12 10 2009


I think i’ll pick up a set of those…. Turned out i was planning to go touring in the same area as where Berthoud is located in France…

Talking about Schwalbe… Have you seen this new 2010 touring tyre, the Dureme??

What are your thoughts about those??


29 10 2009

I use Supreme on the rear of my Speed Pro, with Big A on the front. Seems like a fast touring tire on paved roads but I would think it to be a challenge on broken roads as the thread pattern is unsuited for that.

29 10 2009

Ya I’m interested in the Supremes in 50mm just because I don’t see myself venturing off paved roads with this bike for the time being.

31 10 2009


Talked to people from Schwalbe today… Asked about the difference between Extreme and Dureme.. They said they were about the same tyre… Said that the key for choosing one or the other would be how much you would ride paved or unpaved on your tour.. Since the Dureme rolls a little bit lighter it was more suited for paved, and the Extreme would loose dirt easier, it was more suited for unpaved… Thought i’d share the info..


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