La Ventana – Baja

26 10 2009
La Ventana Baja Mexico

La Ventana Baja Mexico

This will be my home for two months this winter.  With the advent of broadband internet you can work from just about anywhere in the world if your job doesn’t require a lot of face to face contact.  Cleverly I’ve invited my boss down for a few weeks of beach action over the holidays.  I’ll provide a fully guided beach experience with all the sports gear she could want to use at her disposal.  Hopefully she gets hooked and wants me to go to Baja every year…=-)~



5 responses

26 10 2009
Koen De Jaeger

Cool :). What kind of job allows that?

26 10 2009

Anything you can do on a computer:

– web design
– programming
– data analysis
– copy writing
– etc…

26 10 2009
Koen De Jaeger

Nice, lucky you :).
I’m also in IT haven’t found an employer like that :). Also, I am not working independant (I guess you are then) so I have to stick around.

26 10 2009
Rob Sayers

Cool deal. I love Mexico, havn’t been to Baja yet.

I need to start freelancing so I can have that sort of freedom, I’m in the negative on vacation time from this years travels 🙂

26 10 2009

For the pano photos, give Hugin ( a try and make us super jealous this winter (c:

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