Canon D10

23 10 2009
Canon D10 Waterproof Camera

Canon D10 Waterproof Camera

I am super excited that Canon has stepped into the waterproof point and shoot digital camera ring with their new D10.  I have been very pleased with all my previous Canon products and their customer service has been outstanding.  I bought one of their waterproof housings for an older Canon digital camera and it was very rugged and absolutely waterproof, but it was also really bulky and awkward to use.  As a result I ended up with the waterproof cameras from Olympus and Pentax that I’ve posted about recently.

I haven’t read much about the D10 yet so I don’t know what to expect.  Given the performance of the other waterproof cameras I’ve been using the bar has been set pretty low so far.  Hopefully this Canon will impress me.  I’m going to hold off buying a new waterproof camera until either my Olympus Stylus 850SW or my Pentax Optio W20 give up the ghost completely.  That may give Canon enough time to develop a 2nd generation waterproof camera and fix any bugs that inevitably turn up in a 1st generation product.



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23 10 2009
Otto Van De Steene

on a test of all these waterproof camera’s on, this was the test winner. I like the design too, especially this corner lanyard feature, but as photographer I am more into the canon 5D/7D/1D series….

23 10 2009

Do you have a link to that test? For the kind of traveling I do an robust waterproof/shockproof camera is ideal. I own a Canon SLR that rarely leaves my apartment.

23 10 2009

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