How to SUP on flatwater…

20 10 2009

I wanted to be prepared to make the most of the Red Nik SUP demo this past weekend so I researched a bunch of videos and websites that taught basic flatwater SUP skills.  This video above was by far the best at explaining everything you need to know as far as beginner flatwater skills go.  Just thought I’d post it and save the next person googling this some time…=-)



One response

29 10 2009
Jeff Potter

SUP is pretty cool! I only do it in a canoe, though. I see that it’s big in the surf-scene and that it’s done on SUP-boards everywhere, but I haven’t seen anyone but me mentioning a canoe option. I’m trying to sort out my self-video action on the water. When I do, I’ll post a vid that shows what I’m talkin’ about. Stand-up poling is also super dyno fun! We have mellow, shallow rivers around here that are perfect for all this. If you do, too, give it a try! –JP

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