Tikit Update

14 10 2009
My little black folding buddy...

My little black folding buddy...

I sent my Tikit off to Bike Friday for a new seatmast to be fabricated last Thursday and rec’d not one, but two calls on Monday to let me know it arrived safely as well as to give me some info on the production schedule and when I can expect to get the bike back.  They also took the time to ask me how the bike was riding and if anything else needed to be done while to bike was disassembled at Bike Friday HQ.  It was great follow through on a free warranty repair and I’m happy to know that Bike Friday is going to working on my bike this week.  That was quite a bit faster than I had expected.



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14 10 2009
Chad Parrish

Its nice to see Bike Friday taking care of this so well for you. Unfortunately it seems unless you are a prominent blogger about your Tikit you will be sent a a replacement seat mast that took, at least in my case, two people to force it into place and a brace that makes it difficult to use the handle to roll the Tikit. I realize it would have bankrupted Bike Friday to give this same treatment that they are giving you to everyone who was plagued by this issue. However I do think they should provide a reasonably priced solution for those of us who are less then thrilled with the brace. Currently the minimum one can expect to pay for the improved design is close to $500 (from Walter’s blog) and his advice is to consider trading the bike in. Not really acceptable considering I have close to $1700 in this bike already. I am considering selling my Tikit as it really has not been the blissful Bike Friday experience that I was hoping for. However as much as I have been disappointed by my Tikit, I am absolutely delighted by my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket. It very quickly has become my favorite bike.

14 10 2009

Chad the reason I’m getting a new seatmast built is because I bought a very early model Tikit and the brace won’t fit my bike. So they have to rebuild the back end of my Tikit. This would be the case for anyone with an early model Tikit – regardless of whether they have a blog or not. One of the few cases where being an early adopter has a benefit.

For the record my plan if I was going to use the brace was to get a machine shop to turn me a small adapter I could epoxy into the end of the existing rolling handle. That would provide a solid way to hold the folded bike and use the brace without interference. I figured the total mod would cost me $30.

Reading Walter’s blog I understand that they are selling the new seatmast for $220 and it should be easy to install so if you have a new model Tikit that would be your cost to get the new design. Personally I would extend the handle and save myself the $$.

My friend is riding my Season Tikit currently and we are going to have to install the brace at some point. It isn’t cracked yet. So I’ll get around to making the carrying handle adapter over the winter and report back how it works.

I’m sorry you are dissatisfied with your Tikit experience. Although I love my NWT if I had to choose between my Tikit and my NWT the Tikit would win. In fact I’m hard pressed to think of what I’d do without my Tikit. If you haven’t already done so I’d suggest you chat with Bike Friday and see if there isn’t anyway way to reach a solution that will make you happy.

14 10 2009

I should also note that I rec’d exceptional service from Bike Friday long before I blogged about their bikes and before they would have known me from Adam.

14 10 2009

I’ve had some contact with BF, haven’t bought a bike from them yet, and I am a fan of thier company, simply because they seem to exude all things that make up a great, honest company that care about their customers, and meeting their customers needs.

It’s too bad that you’ve had a bad experience with them, and it totally surprises me that anyone would. While no company is perfect, and every company is going to treat at least one customer poorly at some time, I agree with Vik that it might be worth a call to them again.

BTW, what size is your tikit? It’s on my “must one day buy” bike list…….


14 10 2009
Chad Parrish

Ah ok that makes sense then regarding your new seat mast and good idea about extending the handle, I will have to see about having that done or try doing something like that myself. I have access to a wood lathe and could probably make an extension out of some hard plastic, I don’t have cutting tools for metal. Re-reading my comment it comes across as a lot more negative then I really meant it to be, A gifted writer I am not. I had some issues early on, missing some accessories, frayed hyperfold cable, bent frame thingy so it didn’t lock properly etc. Which although frustrating they were handled promptly.

Jeremy, my tikit is a medium and currently has fenders, front rack, rear rack travel case and soft cover.

14 10 2009

If you can work with wood and plastic I’d just make an extender out of one of those materials. It’s not a high stress application.

Heck you could make ’em and probably sell them!

15 10 2009

I am glad that you have had a good experience with Bike Friday customer services Vik, but unfortunately my recent experience leaves me pretty dissatisfied

16 10 2009

I’m glad to hear BF is sorting you out Gareth.

17 10 2009

Thanks Vik. Yeah it took three emails and a transatlantic phonecall, but I am happy we now have a way forward and am looking forward to getting back on the bike. Cheers Gareth

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