Don’t blame the Scorchers!

8 10 2009
I love these tires...=-)

I love these tires...=-)

I recently got what I thought was my first flat running Greenspeed Scorcher TRs on my Bike Friday Tikit. I’ve had them on my bike for two full riding seasons and this bike gets abused through all the typical debris that you’d find in any large downtown area.  I actually thought 1 flat in two seasons was a great record.

Well I finally got around to cleaning my Tikit and figured I better fix that flat.  Upon pulling the tube I discovered that the flat was on the inside of the tube where it had been rubbing on a bulging spoke nipple.  The nipple was covered by the rim tape, but I guess friction and two years of hard riding eventually took their toll.

So for the record my Scorchers are still flat free!  I love a perfect record…=-)



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8 10 2009

Pretty good endorsement of the Scorchers – might tempt me away from the Marathon Pluses

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